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    My son used to sell Orthopedic devices. When I was told My Right hip was bone on bone, I started Reviewing Hip Doctors in Houston- and narrowed it down to three. My son came over when he found out I
    Was serious about having the Surgery. He told me the other surgeon were OK, but he said Dr Alberto Cuellar was VERY BEST he had ever seen. I had my surgery on Dec22., I feel better today than ever before.
    Dr Cuellar did an excellent job!! If you have questions, his staff responds quickly. His lead Nurse,”Marcie” who
    Worked wiy me before and after surgery was the the BEST I have ever
    Delt with. She is very Smart,Thorough
    And takes care of business with a pleasing Personality. If you are going to have Hip or Knee Replacement, I recommend you go to the BEST-
    Dr Alberto Cuellar

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